What is efficiency?

Efficiency is the tire's capacity to deliver the energy supplied by the cyclist in riding conditions.

Efficiency is expressed by the following formula: (energy delivered) / (energy supplied) = Efficiency.
As this formula always gives a result of less than 1, efficiency is therefore always expressed as a value between 0.00 and 0.99.


For the tire part, efficiency depends on:

  • the nature of the rubber compound (presence of silica, ...)
  • the tread pattern
  • the density and construction of the fabrics (TPI, or number of threads per inch)
  • the architecture of the tire, the reinforcements, …
  • the quality of the inner tubes used (MICHELIN :Latex>UltraLight>AirStop>Protek)
  • the tire size (23>20>...)
  • the inflation pressure (8>7>6bars ...)
  • the tyre's rolling resistance

There are other external factors affecting efficiency:

  • the nature of the road surface
  • aerodynamics
  • wheels and bearings
  • ...